Apparel, Kicks & Caps.

That's what we do.

But who are we?

Burleigh Tribe is a co-operative venture between young street & surf wise designers and some 'seasoned' business minds, with a shared love for the great outdoors and all things coastal. With a shared view that you don't need to live at a place to love a place, our intent is to capture your imagination and help you feel like part of our tribe anytime you put on one of our pieces.

As co-founders of Burleigh Tribe, we've spent our lives as a part of many different tribes. Work, raising a family, sporting pursuits, fundraising, youth work and foster care.

We've forged optimistic lives, sharing our motivation and inspiration in positive ways.

As we continue to build our Opteemism and Burleigh Tribe brands, focusing on positive apparel, we are excited to share with you the fun and emotive things we find along the way. We want to share our positive message with you, our tribe, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

So we hope you'll enjoy our range. May it add value to your life, and enjoyment to your day.

And remember that #HelpBringsHope and to have #yourbestdayyet

Drew Anderson | co-founder